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                LED tunnel lights in the future development prospects

                作者:GUANGDONG JAY LIGHTING CO., LTD. 來源:zsjieyu 發布時間:2019-06-02 瀏覽:7

                   At present, in the light source used in tunnel lighting, high pressure sodium lamp is widely used because of its high bright visual effect. In some long tunnels, straight tube fluorescent lamps are also used because of their higher color rendering and better visual inductance of linear illumination. However, the short life of fluorescent lamps requires frequent replacement, which increases the maintenance cost of tunnels. In addition, the fluorescent lamp power is small, in the inlet section, the transition section and the outlet section and so on needs the high illumination area to be unable to meet the requirement.

                   In recent years, the lighting technology is mature, LED tunnel lamp integrated high pressure sodium lamp, straight fluorescent lamp and no pole lamp advantages, become the ideal light source appliance tunnel lighting, luna lighting summarizes the following advantages:

                   1) high light efficiency: at present, the LED light efficiency of 1W single chip can reach more than 100lm/w at the highest level. Moreover, due to the single-side light output, high lamp efficiency can be achieved in the design process of the optical system of the whole lamp.

                  2) long service life: LED can have a service life of 50,000 to 70,000 hours under reasonable cooling design and power drive conditions. For the application of 24-hour lighting tunnel lighting, the maintenance cost can be greatly reduced and the investment return period can be shortened.

                  3) easy light distribution: LED light source is very small in size, single side of the light, and the direction of the light is very strong, so it can be conveniently used with lens or reflective cup to achieve ideal light distribution, not only to improve the efficiency of the whole lamp, but also to ensure good uniformity.

                  4) flexible design of lamps and lanterns, LED tunnel light not only on the power design flexible, adopt 1 w LED device, can according to the actual intensity of illumination requirements to change the number of LED light source, to achieve the best energy saving effect, and because the size is small, the design of shape of lamps and lanterns is very flexible and can be made into linear lamps and lanterns in order to achieve a better visual guide permeability, can be designed into rectangular lamps and lanterns is suitable for high intensity of illumination requirements of entrance section, transition section and export section.

                   5) intelligent dimming control: the use of LED can realize poleless dimming of lamps, and the brightness of tunnel lighting can be dynamically changed by combining with the brightness of the mouth of the tunnel, giving full play to the technical characteristics of LED tunnel lighting lamps, further improving the energy-saving effect of LED tunnel lamps, and realizing intelligent tunnel lighting.

                  Although there are still many difficulties and challenges in the large-scale application of LED tunnel lights at present, such as the imperfect standards of LED lighting products, the negative impact of some inferior products on the market promotion, and the high initial purchase cost of LED tunnel lights. All these bring pressure to the large-scale market application of LED tunnel lighting products, but these pressures are inevitable to be encountered in the early stage of promotion and application of any new technology and new products. However, with the further development of high-power white light LED technology, the continuous maturity of LED tunnel lighting thermoelectric integrated system technology, and the further enhancement of people's awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection, LED technology will surely create a new future of semiconductor lighting industry in tunnel lighting application field.

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